Sport and Nature

The amazing environment of Treviso’s Prealps (Alpine foothills) and their fascinating history are the ideal context where body and mind wellbeing can be sought, through an active holiday. Trekking, nordic walking, mountain bike, road cycling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, golf and gliding flight are just some examples of sports that can be practiced in our area.

Lake Morto is such a peaceful and quiet place to be the perfect destinations in hot summer days. At sunset, walking all around the lake (4 km path) allows to discover that enchanted place from any perspective.

At lake Revine you will find a furnished area for sunbathing, grilling and listening to good music. Who goes there should also visit the stone houses of the ancient village of Tarzo and the Livelet Archaeological Park, to learn about our ancestors’ way of life.


Vittorio Veneto near Venice holiday apartments for rent. Vittorio Veneto near lake Revine, lake Santa Croce, lake Morto

Santa Croce lake


If you are fond of windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing or paragliding, don’t miss a visit to lake Santa Croce, a natural water mirror that reflects mounts Alpago and Nevegal. There are many itineraries to be hiked over (or done riding a mountain bike) too. Three convenient beaches are available for the lovers of fully relaxing holidays.

Distance: 15 minutes from Vittorio Veneto


The Cansiglio is one of the most beautiful forests in Europe with beech trees and firs, home of many animal species like deer, lynx, fox, eagles, hawks and owls.

The Cansiglio forest had been defined “bosco da reme di San Marco” for centuries, because it was a timber reserve to supply Venice fleet’s shipyard, and it is still the second Italian forest today. The whole area is a natural paradise for hiking, rich in charming and well signaled paths.

Vittorio Veneto close to Cansiglio Forest

Cansiglio Forest


Here are some of the sports possibilities of the area:

  • Golf: in the prestigious “Golf Club Cansiglio” which offers 18 holes at 1,027 meters over sea level, along a 6.077 meters round. It is considered one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe, having centuries-old trees and several natural hazards that make the round even more exciting
  • Slopes for cross-country skiing and back country skiing
  • Horse riding, walking or mountain biking (professional mountain bikes and gps with trails can be rented, or certified guides are available to show the magic of such places)
  • Animal watching (from September to October the forest is populated by almost 2000 deers fighting for mating)

Distance: About 20 minutes from Vittorio Veneto


A the foot of the Cansiglio forest, there are the Grotte del Caglieron. They are caverns (partly artificially created and partly produced by water flowing into them) where a walk has been obtained, with wooden bridges that take to the exit near an old mill, now transformed into an inn.

Distance: About 10 minutes from Vittorio Veneto

Vittorio Veneto near Grotte del Caglieron

Grotte del Caglieron


There are many activities that you can practice here, all very close to our accommodation. A holiday in Vittorio Veneto allow you to get the best compromise between different needs. Sport, nature, art and culture here all is possible at the right price.

The whole Vittorio Veneto is heaven on earth for sports lovers.

Our hills, which are candidate to become Unesco Heritage, can offer exciting walks in the natural environment, along a wide range of paths for any level of training. Starting from panoramic paths that are reachable on foot from our apartments, up to the most demanding trekking and running paths.


For example, the E7 European long distance path starts from Portugal, goes through 6 Nations and arrives in Vittorio Veneto, ridgeway no. 6 also called “Altavia dei Silenzi”stretches from Serravalle’s historical center to Piave river’s spring, ridgeway no. 1, also known as “Altavia delle Prealpi Trevigiane” links mount Grappa to Vittorio Veneto and, finally, Prosecco Route, a 30 km itinerary through Prosecco and Cartizze production land.

Holiday apartments in Munchen - Venedig way

Vittorio Veneto is about 1 hour drive from the Dolomites, don’t miss the opportunity to walk and have lunch on the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Moreover, every Sunday sport events take place, that will allow you to discover the surrounding territory.

Double will be the thrill for cycling lovers. Treviso province and Vittorio Veneto have perfect climate and landform for cycling and are really appreciated by cyclicsts. We recommend itinerary no. 4, “I4” that, starting from the Dolomites heights of Cortina d’Ampezzo, stretches down to the Venetian Lagoon, passing through Vittorio Veneto. Bikes and helmets are available for rent at our partner, along with gps trails. Yet if you prefer to be accompanied, certified guides are available. After such efforts, reward yourselves with a visit to the store of one of the most prestigious brands in the world: Pinarello, which is only 30 minutes from our apartments.


Vittorio Veneto is home to Golf! You can practice at “Marco polo Golf Club”(5 minutes from our apartments) or challenge your opponent at “Golf Club Cansiglio”, a 6,077-meter-long, 18-hole course.

If wind is your passion, Vittorio Veneto will amaze you with its lakes. Lake Santa Croce enjoys a daily breeze that can easily reach 15 knots, allowing centerboards, surfboards and kites to literally “fly” over the water. Great fun for sailing lovers.

Not far from lake Santa Croce, on mount Dolada, you will be able to feel the thrill of gliding flight, hang gliding and paragliding.