2015 Booking.com Award. Real guests real experiences real reviews

2015 Booking.com Award. Reviews
We believe that honest reviews are the best way for guests to share their experiences with other travelers and, for the owners to show what makes them unique.

Is this the reason why we are proud to celebrate with our present and future guest our amazing result for 2015 thanks to the reviews that we have got through booking.com

The award has been gave to properties with a 2015 average review score of 8 or more. Booking.com only included properties with at least ten reviews, to ensure that winners had been consistently excellent. This means that each and every Guest Review Award reflects a long line of satisfied guests and outstanding stays.

This great score represents our dedication to providing an exceptional experience for each and every guest. Warm welcome, friendly hosts and a feeling at home are our best qualities.

Behind each Guest review Award is a whole year filled with real guests, real experiences and real reviews.

Tami Family #guestsloveus

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