• Vittorio Veneto
    Vittorio Veneto
    the garden between Venice and the Dolomites

2015 Booking.com Award. Real guests real experiences real reviews

We believe that honest reviews are the best way for guests to share their experiences with other travelers and, for the owners to show what makes them unique. Is this the reason why we are proud to celebrate with our present and future guest our amazing result for 2015 thanks

Expo 2015

    From 1st of May till 31st of October 2015 will take place in Milan the Universal Exhibition: the biggest event on the theme of food and nutrition. 1.1 million square meters of exhibition area, more than 140 partecipating countries and 20 millions visitors. These are the main numbers

Let’s go!

  Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself: my name is Arianna, I was born and raised in Vittorio Veneto and I am a financial controller. I’m very proud and excited to announce the launch of my new web site www.tamiholidays.com after almost one year of hard work. I want say