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Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself: my name is Arianna, I was born and raised in Vittorio Veneto and I am a financial controller. I’m very proud and excited to announce the launch of my new web site www.tamiholidays.com after almost one year of hard work.

I want say thanks for the support given by Fabio, Silvia and all those who made suggestions Paolo, Gianluca, Andrea and my family.

Why this blog? Since 2012 I have been running together with my family this business (holiday rentals) and has been without doubt a great experience for us.

Vittorio Veneto isn’t a well know international touristic city, but guests that come here fall in love with this city for its beauty and for the advantages that it gives. For this reason, with this blog, I would like to tell you something about this area far from the expensive, crowded tourist sites but which is also very close to the main touristic Noth East italian cityes.




A holiday in Vittorio Veneto can meet the needs of the whole family: decide what to visit day by day choosing the most beautiful mountains in the world, the Dolomites, the beaches of the Adriatic sea, or the charming cities of northern eastern Italy. All tha,t while staying in a domestic environment at an affordable price.

What could you find here? I’m an active girl I love sport and open air life. I want to share with you my happy moments: a day trip in Venice, a run in Prosecco hills, cross country skiing in the Dolomites or simply a pizza in the beautiful Serravalle square.

Thank you for reading and see you soon.


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About the author: Mi chiamo Arianna e sono una Vittoriese D.O.C! Amo praticare sport e adoro le nostre colline nelle quali mi piace correre e camminare...

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